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User Guide Second Life – Virtual World Exploration & Networking

The PPTELL 2021 Second Life Webpage

(This link will lead you to the Poster Exhibition Hall of PPTELL 2021. Poster session starts at noon throughout the 3-day conference. Kindly copy and paste this link into the address bar of the Second Life Viewer(download) to visit the webpage)

The virtual world of PPTELL 2021 Second Life courtesy of Dr. Scott Grant, from Monash University, Australia. Scott has created, developed and implemented a unique approach to learning Mandarin Chinese in a foreign language classroom context that combines the affordances of a 3D multiuser virtual world with task-based language learning pedagogy.

Monash Chinese Island:

For more information on his Second Life Chinese Island, kindly pay a visit to the address below:

Chinese Island

(Chinese Studies Program at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia)

Before you entering to the exhibition hall:

  • Please get your lanyard on the admission counter.
  • Please click the exhibition poster on the counter.

  • Then a new chat will show up on your right side.

  • Generate your lanyard by entering your E-mail address you registered for PPTELL 2021 Conference.
  • After you enter your work email address and click submit, please click 'Accept' or 'Keep' on the new popup message in the top right corner of your screen. Then please open your Inventory (use the small white suitcase icon) and the Objects folder. You will find your lanyard there. Please right click on the lanyard icon in the Objects folder and choose 'Add' from the popup menu to wear the lanyard.


Exhibition Hall with bulletin boards for poster sessions:


Q&A for Poster Sessions:

  • Please find Slido for each poster and you may ask question about the study.
  • To Activate Slido, please click on the panel and wait for Slido to load up.
  • If Slido doesn't load up immediately, please click the panel again.

▪ Please type your question after clicking the“Ask”button in green.

Don't forget to click "Send" after you finish your question.


Cafeteria with snacks, refreshment, and groovy music

Have fun exploring!

Off-sessions Dance Floor:


Subsidiary Activity - The "Merlion Portal Tour", a self-service tour in Second Life

You may also gain some virtual world experiences by joining the "Merlion Portal Tour", which is a self-service tour. You will use a "Merlion HUD" to listen to audio along the way. A brief introduction to this, kindly visit the following address:

and your journey will begin here (Second Life Viewer, download):